Glass creamer


1. $21
A sight gag backed by solid craftsmanship, Fred & Friends's handmade double-walled glass creamer pours the humor on thick.
Ring holder

2. $25
This heavy, obelisk-like ring holder puts Reed & Barton's nearly 200 years of craftsmanship at your fingertips.
Key chain

3. $26
The fire-orange resin fakes on Harry Allen's inspired key chain add a surrealist twist to the quotidian act of unlocking doors.
Ribbon-strung mirrors

4. $30
Ribbon-strung mirrors from Ikea are uncharacteristically girly, but still characteristically cheap. 

22 by 15.75 inches and 10.25 by 4.375 inches; for stores
Shot glasses

5. $31 each
Perhaps the only shot glasses that are appropriate for someone over 25, these masculine, pewter-headed jiggers double as candleholders during "dry" seasons.
Wall clock

6. $32
The folks at Sesame Letterpress put their stamp on battery-operated cardboard wall clocks featuring foxes, rabbits, and birds in pink, lilac, and yellow. 

5-inch diameter;

7. $35
Finally, an utterly gorgeous, grown-up night-light in intricately perforated porcelain. Adios, stubbed toes and tacky plastic bulbs.
Canvas tote

8. $36
Those with a soft spot for textile whiz Thomas Paul's near-perfect pillows will be similarly carried away by his sturdy, graphic cotton canvas totes. 

14 by 16 inches;
Cotton tea towels

9. $39 each
Any one of French company Grain de Couleur's ink-jet-printed cotton tea towels would a happy hostess make, but springing for the set all but guarantees your invitation to a year's worth of dinner parties. 

19.5 by 27.5 inches;
Bird pattern tile

10. $44
The modern-folksy bird pattern atop Xenia Taler's handmade-in-Toronto tile recommends it for a starring role as "lead trivet" on any holiday table.

6 by 8 inches;
Boar's head

11. $45
A cast-iron boar's head in verdigris green winks at farmhouse style without conforming to it. This one can hang indoors, holding towels, or outdoors, collecting barbecue tools. 

5.5 by 6.5 by 5 inches; Studio Vertu; 888-241-9038
Portable speaker

12. $58
It may be shaped like a water droplet, but this battery-operated portable speaker actually serves to protect MP3 players from unwanted moisture. Just tuck your iPod inside, screw it closed, and press PLAY.
Leg-handled mug

13. $60
Traditional tea service gets turned on its head—er, side?—with the playfully subversive (but fully functional) Blaue Blume earthenware series by Undergrowth. A sugar bowl, creamer, teapot, and dessert plates are also available.
Picture frame

14. $84
Wil Steger's one-of-a-kind picture frames, with their bases of old boat wood and surface designs snipped from vintage wallpaper, epitomize stylish reuse. 

12-by-14-inch frame holds 4-by-6-inch photo;
Porcelain pitcher

15. $98
This porcelain pitcher from Roost flawlessly blends rusticity and minimalism—and does a pretty good job of holding bouquets and pouring drinks too. 

9 inches tall;
Branch candelabra

16. $99
With an elegant, nickel-plated branch candelabra (cast from a manzanita clipping) on hand, fussing over complicated centerpieces becomes a thing of the past. 

8 by 28 by 20 inches;
Monthly journals

17. $100
What could be better than getting a fresh start not just once a year, but every single month? Faux-leather journals in assorted finishes index important moments in digestible chunks and let you close the book on periods you'd rather forget.


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