Nate Berkus
Nate is on location in California, where he's busy redecorating a beautiful beach house! He shares stories about his latest project and chats with his mother, Nancy, who is also a designer.

Nate says the Malibu beach house he and his team are working on has an ocean view, white walls and wood floors. While it isn't a large residence, the empty house was beautiful on its own and exciting to design. "It was very simpleā€”a mix of modern furniture and antiques," Nate says. "It was one of those things where the clients were so happy and I was so enthusiastic about it," Nate says.

Some of the items Nate used to design the home were custom-made for the house, while others were great finds, including a textured rugs, metal furniture, gold Italian chairs from the 1940s, a white slip covered sofa and antique tables.

While Nate says the Malibu project is a mix of new and old pieces, decorating with items found in nature is something Nate says he and his mom are learning about from a family friend named Joyce. "It is a really beautiful philosophy, and a renewable thing, to be using natural materials and everyday things from nature and try to create something for yourself and your home out of those things," Nate says. Nancy says Joyce's philosophy is called pollution solution. "She uses things that other people would throw away and makes art out of them," Nancy says.
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