Bare Backyard Makeover
Susie Coelho, host of HGTV's Surprise Gardner, shows how you can spruce up a dull backyard in just one day!

Makeover Your Bare Backyard
  • Create an outdoor room with wooden stakes and a large canvas; lace Jasmine through fence lattice.
  • Mossy green paint camouflages moss growing on walls.
  • Use a trellis that holds potted plants and climbs up the wall or other cute, inexpensive accessories to add style and beauty to your garden.
  • Expand the backyard by borrowing from neighbors—incorporate colors from neighbors' exposed walls into planted pots.
  • Create a focal point—a water feature brings a tranquil feeling and buffers neighborhood sounds
  • A tetherball and a bench will add areas for playing and sitting.
Special Thanks
This makeover was provided by: Gardener's Eden, Hard-To-Find Tools, Monrovia, Environmental Concepts Landscapers, Color Spot, Sears Hardware,, Orchard Supply Hardware, Al's Garden Art in Los Angeles and Sydney Harbour Paint Company.