Nate Berkus
Chicago artist Francine Turk has been painting and drawing since she was a child. By the time she reached her 30s she was working full time as an artist, but it wasn't until megastars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn came to her hometown to film the movie The Break-Up that she found big-time success. Nate talks with Francine about her contribution to the film and the life-changing effect of that experience.

Francine specializes in vintage framed drawings and paintings of figures and bodies. She says when she opened her own art studio a few years ago, she had a tough time making ends meet. Francine says she knew that Chicago's Antique Market would be a great place to get more exposure in the city's art scene, and began selling her work there.

Her first day of selling at the market was life-changing, she says. "I get approached by a man … he gives me his card and says, 'I am a set designer working on a movie here in Chicago with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn called The Break-Up. We are filming and I love your work and want to use it in the movie,'" she says.

The designer used several pieces of Francine's work in the apartment where much of the movie was filmed. Francine says the local and national exposure she gained from the film caused an exciting demand for her art. "People started to recognize my name and realize what I did," she says.

Her work is now in the homes of many serious art collectors. Nate says one of his clients has one of Francine's paintings next to a Picasso! Despite her Cinderella success story, Francine says it would have never happened if she didn't take the risk to follow her dreams. "I think it is so important to pursue your passion because that is where you find your true happiness," she says.