Handyman Andrew Dan-Jumbo
Andrew Dan-Jumbo and Gwen
Poor Gwen. She says her husband Kelly is a full-blown duct tape addict. From the bathroom to the kitchen fan, we found tape holding everything together! Looks like Andrew arrived just in time!
Andrew meets the duct tape culprit.
Andrew straps on his tool belt and gets to work but first he has to meet Gwen's husband, Kelly. "And here he is, Mr. Duct Tape. I'm a huge fan of your work."

Andrew removes a drain covered with duct tape and replaces it with a two-dollar cover. Simple!
Andrew Dan-Jumbo inspects Gwen's safety railing.
Andrew found Gwen's safety railing wasn't safe at all. Gwen had no clue that all her shaky railing needed was a few 25-cent bolts.
Andrew pops new parquet tiles into place.
Gwen thought repairing her floor would be too big of a job for Andrew to tackle in one day, but the old parquet tiles are replaced new ones that just pop into place.
Out with the old, in with the new bathroom sink
Gwen says she always hated her bathroom sink and countertop but couldn't get Kelly to replace it. Andrew says, "My philosophy here is the best kind of camouflage is to tear it out and throw it away!"

In less than 15 minutes the old sink is gone. Two hours later, and for less than $200, a new sink completely transformed this bathroom!
Andrew Dan-Jumbo custom made a new playroom!
Andrew had one last surprise for Gwen and her daughter! For two days, Andrew worked around the clock with Case Handyman to custom make a complete playroom with supplies from Home Depot ( and decorations from Land of Nod ( How cute is that?