Step 5: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Begin with outdated or basic cabinets and end up with a beautiful set. It’s simple to fix them up on your own, from cleaning and organizing to lining and painting, our tips will help make it easy for you to update cabinets in any room of your home.


The first step in any makeover is to thoroughly clean and de-clutter.
  • Storage: Store holiday or special occasion items elsewhere to free up valuable space.
  • Purge: If you never use certain items, consider getting rid of them. Donate, sell or recycle. Tip: Get detailed cleaning and organizing tips with our Kitchen Cabinet Refresh suggestions.


    Whether you’re painting a specific material or simply choosing a beautiful color, we’re here to help.

    • Wood: Take cabinets from shabby to chic with our steps to painting wood.
    • Metal: Transform metal cabinets into beautiful décor with a few painting tips.
    • High Gloss: Add a beautiful sheen and durable coat to your cabinets with high gloss paint.
    • Antiquing Wood: Create a stylish worn-in finish with an antiquing technique.
    • Color Wash: Use this water-based paint to highlight the grain of the wood.
    • Color Pairing: Pick and choose color combinations that will match your décor.

    Extra Tip: Consider using an embossed wallpaper technique before painting the cabinets. The textures will be subtle, yet beautifully decorative.

    Extra Tip: If your cabinet doors have grooves and layers, experiment with different colors in sections. Or paint the outer edges, and wallpaper the center to create a unique focal point.

    When it comes to adding decorative flair, don’t forget the inside of cabinets.
    • Wallpaper: It’s not just for walls! Use wallpaper to line the cabinet insides for an accented finish that also creates easy-to-clean surfaces.
    • Fabric: Bring texture into the mix. Cut fabric to size and attach it to the bottom of the cabinets with hook and loop tape. It’s easy to remove and toss in the washer as needed.

      Before shopping for new cabinet hardware, consider some simple techniques that can transform what you already have.
    • Knobs and Handles: Don’t buy new knobs and handles! Try our tips for gilding or decoupage to give current ones a fresh new look.
    • Decorative trim: Use small strips of trim molding to accent and finish the look of the cabinets.

      Keep things in order with organizers, labels and other clever options.
    • Once the cabinets are clean and decorated, label them with festive hang-tags so items are always easy to find.
    • Make common items uncommon organizers. Use jars, file folder sorters, decorative trays, a Lazy Susan, or ice cube trays.
    • Attach cork panels or pegboards to the front or inside of cabinets and create reminder spaces for you and your family.

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