Step 4: Total Drawer Cleanout

Tidy every last overstuffed kitchen drawer in 2 easy steps, and neatly store odds ‘n ends without spending a penny.

2-Step Cleanout
1. The big stuff: Empty out your drawer and sort items into four categories: items to keep, store, donate and toss. Set items to keep aside and use one box for storage and another for donations. 2. The little stuff: Craft drawers, for example, tend to accumulate lots of tiny items like glitter that are hard to pick up by hand. Use a handheld vacuum to remove as many particles as possible, followed by a thorough wipe down.

Extra Tips: Don’t throw away that cereal box! Measure 2” from the bottom of the box, creating a mark at each corner with a pencil. Use a ruler to connect your markings, then cut through the line, leaving you with the base of the box for drawer storage. Try repurposing other kitchen items as well: old plastic containers, chipped bowls or bake ware can all help you corral smaller items.

If cleaning out multiple drawers, don’t hesitate to relocate items. Take into account what tools you’ll need to have within reach when using nearby appliances or counter space. Keep kitchen tools from sliding around by lining the base of your drawer with a non-slip mat. This material is often used to prevent carpets from slipping and can be found at most home stores.

Step 5: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets


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