Step 3: Deep Clean your Kitchen

Ever wonder if your kitchen is really clean from top to bottom? In the spirit of spring-cleaning, we’re walking you through important, often-overlooked items in this high-traffic space. If it needs to be cleaned, we’ve got it covered.

How Clean is Your Kitchen? For a deeper, more thorough clean in this space, try tackling these details every 4 to 6 weeks. And to keep your clean-up extra easy, download and print our 4-Step Deep Clean: Kitchen Checklist.

  • Clean the front, sides and top of your refrigerator. While you’re at it, reorganize its contents for a more efficient fridge.

Tip: Do the same with your microwave and toaster oven, cleaning them from the inside out.

Cabinets & Pantry

  • Wipe away food stains and scuffs on the fronts and sides of cabinet doors. As you clean the lower cabinets, address your baseboards as well.
  • Polish cabinet hardware to a shine.

Extra Tip: Take the time to clean up items inside your cabinets, too. Dust your spice rack, pitch outdated food items and run platters that may have gathered dust through the dishwasher. For more ideas, read Kitchen Cleaning Checklist.

  • Remove and reorganize the contents of your pantry, then clean the door and shelves before putting items back.
Surfaces & Accessories

  • Clean counter accessories with Mr. Clean® Multi-Surfaces Spray with Febreze® Freshness. Food stains and grease are likely to build up on them over time.
  • Remove cleaned items that live on the counter, like the coffeemaker, cookie jar and cookbook stand.
  • Remove stovetop grates and clean them in your sink with a sponge.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget the small section of counter space behind your sink. If a window sits above your sink, be sure to clean the windowsill and freshen your window treatments with Febreze® Fabric Refresher™.


  • For your final task in this step, address your floors, taking the time to move chairs and stools out of the way for a complete clean.

Extra Tip: Enter for your chance to win a new dishwasher and other items to make your kitchen look sparkling new!
Step 4: Total Drawer Cleanout


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