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Step 1: Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink
Organize boxes, containers and cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink in simple, unique ways with our 4 tool suggestions. Then, with extra space and our tips, you’ll have room to store a couple additional useful items like a bag holder and compost bin.

4 Organization Tools
1. Lazy Susan: Just spin and grab! The rotating action of a lazy Susan comes in handy during cleaning time, giving you quick access to soap, paper towels, spray bottles and trash bags.

2. Cake Stand: Use cake stands and create layers to utilize every inch of space. They make perfect pedestals to place regularly needed products like dishwashing liquid, sponges and rubber gloves above flat, easy-to-stack products.

3. Basket: Separate items by task with baskets, that way you can grab one and head directly to the room that needs cleaning. Create them for dusting supplies, dishwashing items, bathroom cleaning tools and pet products.

Extra Tip: Attach labels to the front of each basket for grab-and-go ease.

4. Pegboard: Hang one inside the cabinet door and attach hooks to hold items like kitchen towels, small shelves, dishwashing brushes, dog leashes and pet brushes.

Step 2: Get Your Dishes the Cleanest They Can Be


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