Party-Perfect Makeup Ideas For Every Occasion

Party-Perfect Makeup Ideas For Every Occasion

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff creates three different, but equally stunning, holiday looks that will make all the difference between come-as-you-are and wow.

  • The Dress Code: Black Tie Optional; The Focus: Lips
    Photo: Grey Zisser
  • The Dress Code: Cocktail; The Focus: Eyes
    Photo: Grey Zisser
  • The Dress Code: Casual Chic; The Focus: Cheeks
    Photo: Grey Zisser
  • The Dress Code: Black Tie Optional
    The Focus: Lips

    When you want your face to look dressed-up but not made-up, color your lips a rich shade of plum; it's bold but has a cool elegance you won't get from a candy-apple red (and still works beautifully with vibrant shades like orange).

    A matte finish is more glamorous than high shine; Pati recommends simply tapping a creamy lipstick over bare lips with your finger. Then tidy up the outer edges—and create a barrier against bleeding—with a pencil (for the most natural-looking line, use the side, not the point, to draw short strokes); the pencil shade should be as close as possible to the lipstick without going darker.

    A strong mouth brings out the flush in your cheeks, so go light on blush, but do take a couple of minutes to define your eyes. Run a rich brown liner pencil as close as possible to your upper and lower lashlines, then finish with two coats of black mascara.

  • The Dress Code: Cocktail
    The Focus: Eyes

    Dramatic eye makeup can be rock 'n' roll or rebellious or (as we prefer it) beautifully refined. When a healthy dose of black liner is paired with a sheer yellow gold shadow, the effect is sumptuous but not too smoky. And it's a good look if you've been having a holiday season that's heavy on activity, light on sleep: "Playing up the eyes makes any shadows underneath them less noticeable," says Pati. Coat your lashes with mascara, and define brows with a pencil that's a shade lighter than their natural color.

    Keep the rest of the face simple: Even out redness or discoloration with concealer, and warm up your complexion by blending a golden bronze blush over your cheekbones. A creamy nude lipstick topped with a couple of dabs of golden gloss on the center of the mouth completes the look. If you have time to paint your nails, a light gold polish is festive but not so flashy that you have to take it off before work the next day.

  • The Dress Code: Casual Chic
    The Focus: Cheeks

    If you want to look polished enough for a party but perfectly natural and fresh faced, rev up your radiance. Rough or flaky skin won't reflect light (and can leave makeup cakey), so prepping the canvas is key: Gently exfoliate, then apply an oil-free lotion and let it soak in for several minutes. Blend a light liquid foundation over any blotchy areas.

    To create a translucent flush, choose a creamy rose-tinted blush—it will melt into your skin. Then, to illuminate your whole complexion, apply a sheer shimmery powder or pearly cream to the areas of your face where light hits (the cheekbones, temples, and the bridge of the nose).

    Keep your eyes bare, except for the softest silver accent and mascara. Choose a lipstick shade similar to your lip color or a subtle pink gloss.

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By Jenny Bailly