No-Sweat Workouts
You'll still want a water bottle, but you won't need a shower.
Aqua Zumba
Aqua Zumba
More Refreshing Than: Studio Zumba
If you love getting your heart rate up at Zumba classes but can't bear the thought of shimmying in weather that feels like the Amazon Rainforest, find a pool that offers the aquatic version of this class. At the New York Health & Racquet Club in Manhattan aquatic instructor Taryn Hitchman has her class jump over pool noodles, play tug-of-war and toss beach balls to the sounds of adrenaline-pumping music.
DIY and Stay Cool: Hitchman suggests this move for hips, hamstrings and thighs. Stand with your back against the wall. Extend your leg and place your instep on the middle of a pool noodle. While keeping your leg straight but not locked, pull the noodle down and up with slow, controlled movements. Do 10 reps with each leg, then turn and face the wall so that the top of your foot is on the noodle. Again, do 10 reps with each leg.