What's the Right Diet Plan for You?

We've all heard the bad news about diets: The weight always comes back. "Typically, when people start a plan, it works as long as they're able to follow it," says Marlene B. Schwartz, PhD, deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. "But they tend not to follow it for very long." The problem, experts say, is that too often the diets we choose are such a departure from our natural way of eating that we aren't able to maintain the new pattern. And when we go back to our old ways, we go back to our old weight.

But what if you could match an eating plan (or even parts of various plans) to your personality and lifestyle? After all, the goal isn't a three-month diet intervention but rather a long-term shift to smarter eating. O teamed up with experts in weight loss psychology (Martin Binks, PhD, assistant professor of medical psychology at Duke University and director of behavioral health and research at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, and Sarah E. Johnson, PsyD, a therapist who just left Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center for private practice) to develop a quiz that helps you identify an eating plan best suited to you—one that can teach you to eat in a way you can comfortably sustain for a lifetime.

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PUBLISHED: 08/11/2009