What's The Problem?

If the first step of lovemaking is desire, then step two is sexual arousal. But, if sex is what your mind wants and your body doesn't respond, you could be suffering from sexual arousal disorder (SAD). During successful arousal, the body achieves adequate genital lubrication and swelling, and nipple sensitivity. Vaginal lubrication is dependent on the swelling of blood vessels in the genital region. Any condition that impedes blood flow to this area could potentially cause problems with sexual arousal.

Pelvic Surgery

Pelvic surgery, including hysterectomy, can cause problems with arousal. Although some studies indicate sex improves after pelvic surgery, other studies show difficulty with vaginal lubrication and a loss of genital sensation. Some experts believe that the removal of the cervix and injury to the nerves during surgery can compromise blood flow to the genital region.