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Dr. Northrup says that using as much caffeine as Lawana does is "like beating a dead horse or a horse that's trying to rest. You're beating your adrenal glands."

Although many people feel they need to start their morning with a cup of coffee, Dr. Northrup says the pick-me-up has consequences. "But here's what happens. Your blood pressure rises very quickly so you feel better and it makes you feel more alert. And then, a couple hours later...the blood sugar plummets. You're worse off than when you started. But then so what do you do? You take another jolt of java to get you back up there again."

Dr. Northrup says that Lawana's eating habits—which involve skipping breakfast and eating most of her calories at night—could be the reason she has trouble losing weight. "Those go right to your hips and the insulin from the high blood sugar locks it in place and it can't get out," Dr. Northrup says.

To change Lawana's bad habits, Dr. Northrup advises that she starts eating breakfast in the morning. "An omelet would be great—make sure it's got protein in it. You need omega-3 fats—those help your nerves. They help your mood. You can get them as a supplement or the ground up flaxseed like Oprah takes. A teaspoon a day, and also you need a good multivitamin mineral."

In addition to eating right, Dr. Northrup advises Lawana to exercise. "Even a 10-minute walk will make a huge difference. You know those anti-bitch pills? Exercise is the anti-bitch activity."

As for Lawana's caffeine fix, Dr. Northrup knows it is a tough habit to break. "Am I gonna tell you to stop coffee?" Dr. Northrup says. "No, but at least maybe cut down."
FROM: The Big Wake-Up Call for Women with Dr. Christiane Northrup
Published on January 01, 2006


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