Children flying a kite

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Have Fun While Moving Around
One of the great things about playing outside is that most of the time, your kids are concentrating so hard on having fun, they don't even realize how much effort and energy they're using, Katherine says. Easy ways to get children to burn calories include:

  • Flying a kite at the park. Children will need your help to get their kites in the air and keep them flying, so you'll all get some exercise.
  • Skipping stones at a local pond. Go to a pond, gather some stones and try to skip them across the surface of the water! You and the kids will so engaged with collecting rocks and throwing them that you won't realize all the activity your arms and legs are getting.
  • Playing games. Gather your child and his friends and teach them to play games you remember playing as a child. If this was not part of your childhood, look up Kick the Can, Shadow Tag, and Mother, May I? for the rules—or make up your own!


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