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Get a Good Night's Sleep
On a cellular level, your body replenishes a lot of its energy during sleep, Dr. Merrell says. "By putting all systems on low power, sleep offers your body time and energy to carry out a full range of maintenance duties," he says. Those functions include balancing hormones, strengthening the immune system, consolidating memory and repairing overworked areas of the body.

Dr. Merrell recommends getting eight hours of sleep at least three to four days a week. "Practice relaxation techniques before you go to bed to better achieve a quality, recuperative sleep," Dr. Merrell says. "If you have the all-too-common problem of waking up in the middle of the night, stay focused on the dream you just came out of, or if you lose that, then on your breathing, and you will be able to get back into sleep mode fairly quickly. Once you wake up and start thinking of problems, it is much harder to get back to sleep."

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