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Life Coach Martha Beck Helps Women at Miraval
While Dr. Oz gives the guests advice on their physical health, O, The Oprah Magazine life coach Martha Beck helps them understand the emotional factors that could be holding them back. "I did see transformations this week, and the biggest transformation is that these women are givers," Martha says. "They give. They give. They give. They're not so great at taking. And I keep telling them, 'This is God's way of telling you. How much evidence do you need that you deserve to take?'"

Martha's advice had a major impact on Erin, whose newborn son died when he was only 8 days old, just three months before her trip to Miraval. "All you want is a healthy baby, and when that doesn't happen, it shakes all of your beliefs about everything. It shakes your belief in God. It shakes your belief in yourself," Erin says. "I think that in my struggle to survive, I began really to be hard on myself. I gave myself very little room to feel what I felt and to experience the full gravity of my loss."