Quantum Leap at Miraval Spa


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Quantum Leap Challenge at Miraval Spa
Now that they know how to breathe, the guests are ready to confront their biggest fears—both mentally and physically—on Quantum Leap. This challenge requires them to climb straight up a 35-foot pole with a partner before leaping off!

Sherry hopes that Quantum Leap will help her to stop living in her husband's shadow. "There are a lot of times where I don't, maybe, take a step in a different direction and I follow his lead," she says.

After she reaches the top, Sherry waits for her teammate, Amanda. "I'm doing this as a challenge to myself to not ever let fear paralyze me," Amanda says. "I'm throwing caution to the wind."

With both Sherry and Amanda at the top of the pole, the platform is barely big enough for both of them. Amanda struggles to find her balance enough to stand. Then Sherry asks Amanda, "What do you need me to do for you?" With Sherry's help, Amanda was able to stand—and they conquer the challenge!

"Did you hear her say that? 'What can I do to help you?' That's what it's all about," Oprah says.

"This whole trip has just freed me of a lot of things that I've been holding onto that I didn't realize I've held onto," Sherry says. "Not only embracing my fears but releasing things inside of me that I didn't know were holding me back. And it's just been such an awesome experience."


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