Dr. Oz is worried about Shonna's health.


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The Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation
When the women have a session with Dr. Oz, they start firing off questions...and you know he had answers!

One woman asks Dr. Oz what the ideal waist size is. "Your belly fat, which is your waist size, should be one-half your height," he says.

Another, who says she recently had an EKG test, asks Dr. Oz what other tests she should be getting. "The best test for women is a stress echo," he says.

Have your own health question? Ask Dr. Oz!

One woman's health particularly worried Dr. Oz. Shonna's hectic day starts at 3:45 a.m. and ends after midnight. She works full-time and goes to school at night, not getting out of class until 10 p.m. Shonna says she gets by on three hours of sleep a night and six cups of coffee a day.

Dr. Oz says there is no way that Shonna can or should keep up her tiring pace. According to Dr. Oz, women need about seven hours of sleep a night—almost twice as long as what Shonna is getting now! Dr. Oz says people who don't get enough sleep are at significantly greater risk of viral illness, heart attacks and strokes. "Folks with mental health problems, 80 percent of the time can't sleep," Dr. Oz says.

One of the biggest problems with not sleeping enough is that you don't dream. "Living your best life, which is what this is all about, is about living the life of your dreams. So if you're not dreaming, how can you live your best life?" he says. "Dreaming really is critical. Every species dreams. In fact, you're better off starving than preventing from sleeping. It's a quick way of inducing psychosis."


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