Amy and Jennifer


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Equine-Assisted Therapy at the Equine Experience
Jennifer and Amy hope that the Equine Experience will help them move past tragedies and begin to live better lives. Jennifer's husband of four months, Cody, was riding in a Humvee in Iraq when he was killed by an explosive device. "I feel like I'm just not normal anymore, like no one can even relate," she says.

Amy says she defended herself with a kitchen knife when she was attacked in December 2005. "A man came into my house and sexually assaulted me, and I turned it around and I stabbed him," she says.

As Amy and Jennifer each try to complete the task, they become frustrated when all four hoofs remain firmly on the ground. Amy says she approached the horse with confidence, but it soon melted away. "[I thought], 'I can do this. I mean, come on. I'm strong and independent,'" she says. "But when I got up there right next to the horse, my heart just instantly started racing, and I didn't know where that was coming from."

Watch as Amy and Jennifer complete the Equine Experience.

"We realized that the horse could feel that we were really scared and upset and angry, and that was how we portrayed [ourselves] to other people, too," Jennifer says.

Finally, once they release their pain and fear, the horse becomes more agreeable. "I think it was Amy that helped me out a lot, because I knew that she was hurting just as bad as I am," Jennifer says. "And when we both did it, the horse did what we needed it to do."


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