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Win with Water
A self-described emotional eater, 34-year-old Timarie says she'd been battling her weight for years. After putting on 100 pounds in her 20s, Timarie says she started becoming quiet and introverted—and started to feel undeserving of certain opportunities.

But Timarie still wanted to be social and so she was set up on a blind date. Timarie and her date spoke on the phone for over a month before meeting. But when the two finally met face to face, she says he claimed to have a conference call and bailed out on their date. "I kind of stood there dumbfounded…I didn't even know how to react." Timarie says that was her turning point: "It was really at that point when I realized that I needed to take control of my life."

Timarie found success with a weight loss trick that helped her beat emotional overeating. When she feels hungry and craves something fattening, she'll have a glass of water and wait 15 minutes until the craving goes away. This trick has helped her lose over 114 pounds!

Today, Timarie says she feels confident and fabulous. And, she considers her blind date a blessing: "If it took something unfortunate to happen to me, if that's the kick in the butt I needed, then so be it!"
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Published on November 07, 2005


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