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James's Food Swap
Meet James, a 22-year-old who says he's been obese since he was 5. "It was horrible," James says. "All through school people called me names. I had to drop out of college because I couldn't even fit in the desks. Sometimes I wouldn't even leave the house. I would sit home and cry and I realized I had to turn my life around."

So James came up with his own weight loss strategy: eat the same foods but with healthier ingredients. Instead of eating regular pizza, James now eats veggie pizza. Instead of snacking on regular chips, he eats baked ones. James used to eat fried chicken—now, he eats it grilled. Same food, less calories!

At his highest weight, James weighed 415 pounds. But after following his self-made diet for two and a half years, he lost 200 pounds! "I feel great," says James. "At 415 pounds I could barely make it to the corner. Now, I can run for an hour! Nothing's going to stop me now."
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Published on November 07, 2005