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The Ultimate Sex Diet
Thirty-year-old Kerry McCloskey was overweight, not working out and eating poorly. That's when she discovered a sexy weight loss secret that not only melted off pounds—it revved up her marriage! Her secret? Lots of sex! "A half hour of sex burns about 200 calories," Kerry explains. "My husband and I have sex about eight times per week. You do the math!"

By increasing their passion and intimacy, Kerry says she lost 23 pounds in six months! Along with the weight loss came a renewed confidence and a healthier eating style. According to Kerry, there are certain foods you can eat to get in the mood, such as bananas and chocolate. And here's their biggest secret: Ben, Kerry's husband, eats a lot of celery. Kerry says when men eat celery they emit a scent that's a turn-on. Who knew?!

By turning basic exercises into foreplay, Kerry has even found a sexy way to firm up her problem areas. She and her husband get up-close-and-personal for moves like the "love squat." Sometimes, she says they just turn on some music and dance. Kerry shares all in her book The Ultimate Sex Diet. "I'm healthier and happier than ever before," says Kerry. "This is one diet I never want to quit!"
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Published on November 07, 2005


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