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Dr. Kay Jamison, one of the country's foremost experts on bipolar disorder, has this advice for Chris and his family—and anyone suffering from bipolar disorder. "I think Patty Duke's advice was really great, which was to get into a support group and again to read as much as you can. Have your family read as much as you can about this illness and about the various treatments and your options."

Another recommendation is for Chris and his family to write a list of questions and concerns for his doctor. "The three of you, sit down and just make up a list while you're thinking well, at the top of your game, and then go in and talk about it," she says.

Dr. Jamison says it's unusual that Chris has been suffering from bipolar disorder on medication for as long as he has, but he should not lose hope. "The important thing to realize is it is treatable. This is a very, very, very treatable illness," Dr. Jamison says.

Think you or someone you know has symptoms of bipolar disorder?

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FROM: Exclusive: Sinéad O'Connor Reveals Her Struggle with Bipolar Disorder
Published on October 04, 2007


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