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Sara and Ricardo were desperate. They had no money and nobody to turn to for help. They knew that with every minute that passed, their daughter's life was slipping away.

As the word of this unusual baby spread and with his two-day-old daughter barely clinging to life, Ricardo made a desperate plea on the national news for medical help. Dr. Luis Rubio from Lima was watching, and he immediately sent an ambulance and paramedics to transfer Milagros to his hospital. "I knew that a child born with this condition stood little chance of surviving without immediate intervention," Dr. Rubio says.

Sara and Ricardo moved into the hospital in Lima six hours from their home to stand by their baby. Surgeons planned an extremely risky operation to separate the baby's legs. First though, they had to perform a tricky procedure to expand her skin so that when her legs were separated there would be enough skin to wrap around each leg.
FROM: Medical Mystery: The Mermaid Girl Miracle
Published on November 08, 2005


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