Counseling is recommended for victims of sexual abuse. The treatment process is long and arduous, but it can help an abused woman reclaim her sexuality. Counseling is also recommended for couples experiencing relationship problems based on the distress caused by FOD.

Changing Medications
It may be helpful to try switching medications that are known to impede orgasm. Your doctor can help you sort through your options. For example, some antidepressants have fewer sexual side effects.

Honest communication with your partner may help you to achieve orgasm or satisfying sex. Good communication can help you and your partner become experts in arousing each other. It is important for women to talk about what they like, and to keep communication positive. Counseling may help open up these lines of communication. Look for positive online communities such as where you can talk to others experiencing the same frustrations.

Kegel Exercises
Toning your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises can help you achieve more intense orgasms. To strengthen these muscles, start and stop your stream of urine several times. Work up to five sets of 10 contractions a day. The longer you hold the contractions, the stronger your muscles will become.