Dr. Mehmet Oz
Many people are unaware of the large amount of toxins that invade our environment and that can be harmful to our health. Dr. Oz talks to Anne Underwood, a writer for Newsweek, and Gary Ginsberg, author of What's Toxic, What's Not, about common places these toxins are hiding and what you can do to lessen your exposure to them.

Gary says products like hard plastic baby bottles, dental sealants, the inside of takeout containers and many frozen food packages expose us to minute levels of toxins. Anne says studies show a link between the toxins in these products and higher levels of breast and prostate cancer, behavioral problems and many more illnesses.

Although it may be difficult for consumers to determine which products are most harmful, there are a few ways to lessen your exposure to toxins by making a few easy lifestyle changes:

  • Try to avoid plastic bottles. Instead of drinking out of plastic bottles, which can leech harmful toxins, Gary recommends investing in a stainless steel bottle. Or, use glass bottles, especially for baby formula.
  • Don't microwave plastics. Doing so can cause toxins to seep out of packaging and into food. Instead, take your food out of plastic wrappers and put a plate over it before microwaving it.
  • Use fragrance-free cosmetics during pregnancy. It's okay to use cosmetics during pregnancy if you can't bring yourself to avoid them altogether, but avoid anything with a scent, as it is a carrier for a family of chemicals known as phthalates, which may be linked to developmental and reproductive health risks.
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