Holiday Survival Guide

Purchase one black outfit that you feel comfortable and happy wearing and don't worry about wearing it often. Black always looks sophisticated and you can change your shoes, jewelry, scarf, coat or bag for diversion.

Commit to a soothing 30-minute ritual each day that gives all of your senses a break. Lower the lights and burn an aromatic candle, listen to soothing music or try total silence. Take a warm bath or lie down, but do it alone and stick to it religiously.

Drink at least two quarts of noncarbonated water a day. It cleans the toxins from your body, keeps you feeling full, and hydrates you from the inside, giving your skin a youthful glow.

Schedule exercise appointments in writing each week. If you don't write it down, you won't do it. So each Sunday before the new week begins, pick at least three days and write down what you plan to do for exercise.

During the week, take at least two nights off from socializing. Stay home and enjoy a fresh salad with delicious whole grain bread and a refreshing beverage for dinner. Then read a book, watch television or take a hot bath and fall asleep before 11 p.m.

Do not overspend on gift giving. How about giving gift certificates? They offer an easy, stress-free solution that everyone enjoys receiving.

Schedule at least one beauty treatment for yourself before the New Year, i.e., massage, facial, manicure/pedicure.

Take a walk each and every day.

Do not go out at night hungry! Eat five mini meals each day that consist of healthy, satisfying, nutritious ingredients.

Decide on your alcoholic drink limit before you start drinking—and stick to it.