Stress Myths—Debunked!
Learn the truths behind these popular misconceptions (one will make you breathe easier, for sure).
stress myths
"A twitching eyelid is a sure sign that you've got too much on your plate."
Stress could be causing your eyelid to make you look like an overenthusiastic flirt -- but so could fatigue or even dry eyes, which affects half of women over 40, says Anne Sumers, MD, a clinical correspondent for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Sumers says that while ophthalmologists like her see at least three patients every week with eyelid spasms, there’s no clear consensus on what causes them. However, experts are sure that these twitches aren’t a sign of a serious problem. Sumers says that it may help to get more rest, to try lubricating eye drops or to take a vacation from work—but even if you do nothing, she says the spasms should go away on their own in four to six weeks (at the most).