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Dr. Oz weighs in on the the vitro fertilization controversy, saying it has become the "Dracula of medical technology." "It sucks out all of the good stuff that medicine often provides, all the wonderful conceived children that occur every year," he says. "It also strips money out of the system."

Beyond the several million dollars Dr. Oz says it will take to get the octuplets ready to leave the hospital, he has a message for Ed. "It's going to cost about a quarter million dollars per kid to get them to age 18, so you better start working. I hope you're in good health."

Money aside, Dr. Oz addresses a more important issue. "I'd like to shift gears a tiny bit because we've been judging Nadya a lot and someone has to speak out for the kids. Because, ultimately, this is a form of child cruelty, I think, and we have a very cavalier and careless attitude to conceiving children in this country. Not just Nadya—this happens all over the place."
FROM: The Octuplet Controversy: Dr. Oz Weighs In
Published on February 24, 2009
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