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Ed, who is now divorced from Nadya's mother, says he thinks his daughter was not herself for the NBC interview. "They took her out of the hospital by midnight to a secret location. They did not even give her a chance to rest or sleep while she's still under medication and not feeling well," he says. "This is not Nadya who I know. Nadya's a very, very, very, very sophisticated young lady. Very intelligent. Very smart."

Oprah says many news outlets—including The Oprah Winfrey Show—competed to get the first interview with Nadya, and no one forced her to do it. "Somebody on her team, or she, made the final decision that that interview would go to NBC's Ann Curry, who I think did a really terrific job of being sympathetic and open to her," she says. "And so are you saying that she did that now under duress?"

To most people, Ed says, Nadya may have appeared to be in control—but not to him. "I know my daughter," he says. "When she's under tremendous physical pain, it's very hard to tell."
FROM: The Octuplet Controversy: Dr. Oz Weighs In
Published on February 24, 2009
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