Quit smoking contract
Contract With Myself*
Ihereby commit to 12 weeks of becoming a nonsmoker. I recognize that this may be the greatest challenge I have ever faced, but I also acknowledge that quitting smoking is the single most effective thing I can do for my health. Upon signing this contract, I make a commitment to myself to live a healthier life, free from cigarettes and free from the limitations placed on me by my addiction. When I succeed, I will assure myself a healthier present and future, and I will protect the health of my family, friends, and colleagues, who will no longer be exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. Today there are more former smokers than current smokers. I know that I am strong enough to become a nonsmoker. I deserve to give myself the healthiest life possible.

I realize that this contract is solely with myself and that it carries no rewards, penalties, or punishments other than those associated with improved health and the reflection of my strength and self-worth.

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