The Largest Free Health Clinic in the Nation
Dr. Oz treats a baby at the free clinic.
On September 26, 2009, Dr. Oz teamed up with the National Association of Free Clinics to make history. Providing care to 1,780 patients without health insurance, the world's largest nondisaster free healthcare clinic set the national record for the most people treated in basic health services.
Registration at the free health clinic
Setting up camp in Houston's Reliant Center, the doctors worked diligently to care for those without affordable healthcare. There were 120 exam partition rooms in the 168,000-square-foot convention center.
Two children wait for care
Amid the 881 prescriptions written, 25 cases of the flu were diagnosed. Five patients were rushed to nearby emergency rooms for extra care.
Men and women wait in Houston's free clinic
Of the 804 uninsured males and 980 uninsured females that attended the free health clinic, 83 percent were employed.
A doctor reads a scan at the free clinic.
For many participants, this day of free healthcare wasn't a one-time opportunity. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, at least 50 percent of the patients treated at the clinic were scheduled for follow-up appointments at alternate clinics throughout the area.
Checking a patient's heart
The clinic's success can be attributed to the 710 volunteers who came out to support the cause. Three hundred nurses, a team of cardiologists, pediatricians, oncologists, ER doctors, and other medical specialists offered their services.
Uninsured Texas residents stand in line at the free clinic
In Texas, 25.2 percent of the population is living without health insurance, the highest percentage of any state. Harris County, where Houston is located, is home to 1.3 million uninsured residents, 30 percent of the county's population.
Filming a patient on a stretcher at the free clinic
The Dr. Oz Show will work to recapture the valiant efforts of free clinics and their volunteers in an episode scheduled to air on Thursday, October 15. The show will expose the difficult circumstances facing families who are living without health insurance.

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