The Final Weigh-In
They're back!
In February 2007, six people signed up to radically change their lives as part of Bob Greene's Best Life Weight Loss Challenge.

First, the "six-pack"—Tracy, Melissa, Bill, LaToya, Barbara and Tori— underwent a battery of tests to assess their physical health and commitment to exercise.

In May, the challengers were back. They went with Bob on a health retreat, and we checked in to get a mid-challenge update . The results were mixed—some embraced healthy changes early, while others struggled to get in gear.

Now they've reached the finish line and Bob couldn't be happier with their hard work and fearless public struggles. "Everyone had different results from a weight loss standpoint. But I think across the board, everyone here had a revelation inside and made some changes," Bob says. "It's more about inside. If you start to [think], 'Oh, I'll be happy when I'm this weight,' that's when problems start because one of two outcomes: You never reach that weight and you're not happy, or you reach that weight and realize it had nothing to do with your happiness."