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With corn dogs, macaroni and cheese and pizza at their fingertips, overweight teens say it's a huge challenge to eat right at the school cafeteria. In fact, only three out of 10 high school seniors say they eat green vegetables during a typical day.

Outside of the cafeteria, the temptation is just as great. Unhealthy vending machine snacks loaded with fats, sugars, salts and calories are available in 82 percent of all middle schools and 97 percent of all high schools. On average, kids consume more than 29 teaspoons of sugar a day—which ends up being 92 pounds of sugar a year.

Dr. Oz toured a number of schools with HealthCorps. "We actually looked at what these kids are eating, and you notice there's a lot of color in the food, but they're not natural colors," he says.

Dr. Oz and HealthCorps also uncovered a serious lack of fiber. "So guess what? When you actually go and you talk to teachers about how the kids are doing, they say after they have lunch, they're comatose," Dr. Oz says. "And by the way, since you have no fiber you're constipated, and that's no way to learn."
FROM: Dr. Oz Reports: Why America's Kids Are Fat
Published on January 27, 2009
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