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One of the biggest reasons there is so much obesity is because fatty, sugary foods are so easy to come by. Dr. Oz says the teens' poor food choices are killing them. What do these 16 teens eat? Sugar-laden breakfast cereal, frozen pizza, fast food and sodas aren't occasional treats—they make up a significant portion of their diets.

"A lot of calories, but they're not a lot of nutrients," Dr. Oz says. "When your brain doesn't get the nutrients that it wants—because it can tell the difference between calories and nutrients—then it says, 'Hey, guys, feed me.' You're going to keep eating more food until you get the nutrients that your body desires."

Watch Dr. Oz analyze a food label. Watch

The first step to taking charge of your health, he says, is not to fall for "the head fake" on food labels. Check how many serving sizes are in the package. For example, if a box of instant macaroni and cheese says it contains two servings, if you eat the entire box you have to double all of the nutritional numbers.
FROM: Dr. Oz Reports: Why America's Kids Are Fat
Published on January 27, 2009
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