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You see the headlines everywhere, but the numbers are still shocking—one in six kids in America is overweight.

What can we do to reverse the trend? Dr. Oz says he thinks the answer is education. "The most important thing I do in my professional life, besides heart surgery, is work with a group called HealthCorps, which takes—just like Peace Corps does—young, healthy, energetic people and they put them in high schools to work with kids who are struggling," he says. "What we try to do with Health Corps is we try to teach you that it's not just food and exercise, it's mental resilience. Because if you can control your body, you can control the world around you."

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After the 16 teens searched for the emotional roots of their obesity, Dr. Oz says getting a real sense of the physical damage of being overweight can help encourage teens to get healthy.

First, the teens underwent a blood test called the Biophysical 250, which gives a full snapshot of health, including organ function. "The reason it's such a cool test is because it tells us in a very comprehensive way what effect the fat is having on you," Dr. Oz says."
FROM: Dr. Oz Reports: Why America's Kids Are Fat
Published on January 27, 2009
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