Dr. Mehmet Oz
Obesity is becoming a national epidemic affecting millions of men and women. Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen are joined by bariatrics expert Dr. Lisa DeRosimo to discuss the causes, treatments and prevention of obesity.

Dr. DeRosimo says that because there is no single path to weight management, it's important to look at each patient's life individually. She considers various factors, including family history, lifestyle and pre-existing medical conditions, when developing a weight management program that will bring patients long-term success.

While every patient looking to lose weight is unique, Dr. DeRosimo says there are some common mistakes many people make. The biggest mistake is when people skip meals, especially breakfast. Dr. DeRosimo says it is important to eat at least three small meals a day, and that eating smaller portions more frequently over the course of the day boosts your metabolism.

Although Dr. DeRosimo says there are many helpful drugs available for those struggling with obesity, especially related to thyroid problems and diabetes, she says prescribing medication typically comes only after diet and exercise options have been exhausted. She cautions that gastric bypass surgery is only a treatment intended for morbid obesity, and is not a cure-all for being overweight.
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