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Q: How can I get motivated? What is the one thing that I can start doing today?

JM: Only you can be your source of effective motivation. This is something that ultimately must come from within in order to be lasting. Write down all of the reasons that you are looking to be motivated, and every time you feel your momentum fading, go back to that list and remind yourself that nothing will taste as good as all the things on your list will feel.

BH: When it comes to getting started today, you can start by making a healthier food choice today at lunch, or get up 30 minutes early tomorrow and go on a walk before you jump in the shower and get ready for work. You also should know that reading information like the one you are reading is getting you on track, so TAKE CHARGE of your life!
FROM: Weight Loss Secrets of the "Biggest Losers"
Published on October 30, 2008
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