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Next, Bob takes a trip to the Betty Crocker test kitchen in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where employees try out more than 50,000 recipes each year for the 100-plus brands that make up General Mills. CEO Steve Sanger says his company is dedicated to making its foods healthier. "We talk to our consumers a lot. We listen to our consumers a lot," he says. "We care a lot about weight management. That is probably the foremost health concern on the minds of most American consumers, is, 'How do I manage my calories? How do I manage my weight?'"

The new mission of the company includes using organic products and reformulating old favorites into new, healthier versions. In 2006, the company's Progresso brand introduced four reduced-sodium soups that earned Bob's Best Life Diet seal.

"We really had to work hard to get more flavor in the soup because it has less sodium, so we have to have more roasted chicken," says Ann, one of the tasters. "We did not give up on flavor. We did not give up on texture, but we made it healthier."
FROM: The Truth About Food with Dr. Oz and Bob Greene
Published on September 17, 2007


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