Bob Greene
Have you made a commitment to losing weight and getting fit this year? You're in luck. Bob has a brand-new, easy-to-follow plan that will help you eat right and get in shape. Bob is taking calls from listeners who are ready to get on board with the plan, and are seeking his words of wisdom and encouragement to help them get started.

One novice wants to know where to begin. Whether you work out daily or you're a complete beginner, Bob says it's important to determine your fitness level first. He recommends purchasing a pedometer to see how much you're currently moving around, and then boost your activity in the following simple ways:
  • Park farther from your destination.
  • If it's a short drive, consider walking instead.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Get your workouts done in the morning.

Another caller says her biggest struggle is in the self-esteem department, and looks to Bob for inspiration. Appreciating that nothing happens overnight, Bob recommends setting small goals and taking it one day at a time until you begin to feel a greater sense of self-worth. "Until you realize you're deserving of whatever it is you're willing to work towards, that's when you make a difference, that's when the life starts to change, and that's where you start creating this positive cycle of motivation, as opposed to the opposite," he says.


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