Best Life Challenge Weigh In
The six challengers
When Oprah and fitness trainer Bob Greene issued a challenge to millions of viewers in January 2007, thousands asked to take part to lose weight. The six who were chosen represent the diverse backgrounds of everyone who struggles with their weight.

Barbara from Orlando is a 50-year-old divorced mother who used food and cigarettes to hide her pain.

Melissa from Salt Lake City is a former beauty queen turned stay-at-home mom who felt checked out from her own life.

LaToya from New York City is a PhD student who felt self-conscious about her weight.

Tracy from Chicago couldn't get any diet to stick.

Bill from Boston owns four health clubs, but he has gained more than 100 pounds since his wedding day.

Tori from Washington, D.C., is an artist and mother of two who puts so much emphasis on her family that she didn't take care of herself.

Bob says if you've been on fad diets before, his Best Life Diet might shock you at how slow the weight comes off. "You're used to maybe the first week on a very restrictive diet losing a lot of water weight, which is not what you want," he says. "You want to lose fat, and a pound or two a week is really what's perfect."

That, he says, is because it's a realistic way to lose weight and keep it off.