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Bob says the first time he worked with Tracy, her hatred of exercise worried him. "That's a tough set of circumstances to have in place when you start on day one not willing to work out," Bob says. But in the first five weeks of the program, Tracy's weight loss was surprising—she had dropped 17 pounds!

Tracy says she believes her weight gain had something to do with rebellion. "My parents are very athletic," she says. "The comparison of parents that run marathons and a daughter who can't run a mile, it just becomes to me a void."

But with a weight loss of 34 pounds to date, Tracy has gotten over some of her rebellion—and her aversion to exercise. "I think it was really just about making the dedication, really, and making the decision to not self-destruct," Tracy says. "It was not that exercise was all that terrible. I said I really hated feeling like I was a failure at things, and I think exercise is something that the more you do it, if you're not feeling like it's tough, it's not working enough."
FROM: The Big Weigh In: Best Life Weight Loss Challenge Update
Published on January 01, 2006


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