The challengers weigh in.

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Now, three months—and countless hours spent in the gym and counting calories—after their first weigh in, the six challengers are back in black sports bras and bike shorts to show all they've lost!

"I know you're nervous, I can feel your heart beating over here," Oprah says.

In February 2007, Barbara weighed 231.6 pounds. Now, in May 2007, she weighs 221. She's lost 11.6 pounds.

Melissa started at 193.2 pounds. Now she weighs 179—a loss of 14 pounds, or about one pound every week. "That's perfect," Bob says.

LaToya started the Best Life Weight Loss Challenge at 189.9 pounds. Now she weighs 184 pounds—a loss of only 5.9 pounds in three months.

Tracy was once 237.6 pounds. Now she weighs 203.5 pounds—a loss of 34 pounds.

Bill weighed 293.3 pounds. He's lost 37 pounds and now weighs 258 pounds.

Tori's starting weight was 229.9 pounds. Now she weighs 210 pounds.
FROM: The Big Weigh In: Best Life Weight Loss Challenge Update
Published on January 01, 2006