Tatum O'Neal's Sobriety Struggle
Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal
Addiction is a disease that affects millions of families around the world. Whether it's a loved one, friend or neighbor, sobriety rarely comes easy. Even Oprah's life has been touched by addiction. "A close family member died after struggling for years, in and out of treatment," she says.

One Hollywood actress knows the struggle all too well. Tatum O'Neal is best known as the youngest OscarĀ® winner in history and daughter of actor Ryan O'Neal. Offscreen, however, Hollywood glamour faded away to horror. Tatum says she was physically and emotionally abused throughout her childhood.

During her teenage years, Tatum says she turned to drugs to dull the pain. By age 20, she says she was addicted to cocaine.

In 1986, the darkness lifted when she fell in love and married tennis superstar John McEnroe. They had three children together, but after nearly a decade, they divorced. Over time, Tatum says she began abusing heroin, and in 1995, she lost custody of her children, Emily, Kevin and Sean.

Tatum says she completed several treatment programs, joined a 12-step program and got her life back on track. In 2004, she candidly spoke about her drug and alcohol addiction during her first Oprah Show appearance.

Then, in June 2008, a misguided moment landed Tatum in a New York City jail.