Jumping jacks are a great outdoor family activity.
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Walk or Run a 5K
You are never too old to start moving, and there are hundreds of walks and runs you can participate in this summer to jump-start your healthy lifestyle. Women tend to put others first, so sign up for an event that benefits a charity. You'll feel more purpose and drive to do your best.

Feel Like a Kid Again
Start with slip squats. On a wet surface in your backyard, start with your feet together and slowly slide your leg out to a squat position. The slippery surface requires you to move slowly and control the muscles. Return both feet together and squeeze those inner thighs. Try two to three moves between each child sliding down the runway.

Now, move on to jumping jacks! Take the same movement and add a little hop or speed. Best to hold someone's hands for balance on the first few, so you can slide safely. But isn't it fun playing in the yard?