What's causing you to tear out your hair? Dr. Oz enlists the advice of psychologist Dr. Erin Olivo to help you determine what's stressing you and start living a more meaningful life.
Are you stressed out?The Signs
Juggling work, relationships, finances and family…you know stress alright. Find out the good vs. the bad kind.
The signs there might be a problem 

Identify your stressIdentify Your Stress
What specifically is keeping you up a night, leaving those knots in your stomach and generally making you moody?
Discover your true stress culprits

Live in the momentLive in the Moment
When we pay attention to our minds and our bodies, we can better deal with our stress.
Increase your awareness with these good habits

Set your prioritiesA Meaningful Life
What matters to you most? Use this list to decide. Set specific goals and an action plan—with achievement comes less stress!
What are your top priorities? 
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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