Dr. Mehmet Oz
According to weight loss coach Jorge Cruise, the key to losing weight is about the quality of your workouts, not the quantity of time spent working out. With his workout plan, The 12 Second Sequence, Jorge says you can cut back on the amount of time you exercise and still slim down. Jorge talks with Dr. Oz about his plan, the importance of strength training and why lean muscle is crucial for weight loss.

Jorge says the core of The 12 Second Sequence is a unique combination of two strength-training techniques: slow cadence lifting and static contraction. These slow, sustained movements performed with less weight and fewer repetitions fatigue muscles faster, he says, which results in lean, sculpted muscle without any bulk. "It compresses time for people so they get the results without all the weight," Jorge says.

These critical resistance-training exercises push muscles past their limit faster while building up lean muscle, which Jorge says is the body's best defense for fighting fat. "The target is to fatigue the muscle because, if we fatigue the lean muscle, the muscle will be stimulated," Jorge says. "It will then recuperate when we're not working out, and it'll become firmer, stronger—it will look youthful, and it will burn the fat."

Unlike cardiovascular exercise, strength training leads to something called afterburn, meaning the muscles continue to burn calories after you finish working out. As such, Jorge recommends complimenting his strength-training plan with just 20 minutes of fast walking in the morning to boost cardiovascular health. He also advises eating a healthy diet and practicing yoga for stress-relief and flexibility.