Shocking Medical Mistakes
In 2004, Molly was diagnosed with neck and breast cancer.
In 2004, Molly, a mother of two, was diagnosed with a rare, cancerous lump in her neck. Doctors told Molly that since they'd caught it early, the cancer was very beatable. "My doctor was very optimistic, and he said, 'You're going to get through it,'" she says.

Molly went in for surgery on her neck, and soon afterward, doctors noticed a slight swelling under her arm. Just to be safe, her medical team ordered a biopsy on her breast tissue.

The results came back 24 hours later. "My husband picked up the phone, and he was talking to one of my doctors," she says. "I remember him saying, 'The tests came back for breast cancer.' I remember being upstairs crying and just saying, 'Okay, I have two cancers now.'"