Gayle and Chris Robinson
Gayle says he's not only "very pleasing on the eye," he has got the nicest personality, a brain to match and he really knows his stuff! Trainer Chris Robinson joins Gayle to talk about fitness and exercise, and how he helped keep Oprah and Gayle on track during their cross-country road trip this past summer!

Chris admits to Gayle the road trip was difficult for him—between lunches at diners, Vegas buffets and Dairy Queen ice cream, Oprah and Gayle really tested him! Chris says he began training Oprah in April, and until the road trip she had been on track to losing her goal weight. "I had a game plan—just trying to stay on track as much as possible because we were making such good ground," he says. "And then the road trip came up and everything just kind of fell apart. And I saw one thing go, and then something else and then something else—I just couldn't keep control of it!" But in the end, Chris did help Oprah reach her goal weight of 154 pounds once the road trip was over!

Chris tells Gayle he has always been interested in the body and exercise. "All my life I've been an athlete and I wanted to really understand how the body works," he says. "That's my passion, just to look at the body as a machine and to make it work more efficiently, to make people perform better."

What are some of Chris's philosophies when it comes to the body and exercise?
  1. Treat the body as a machine. "Everything is based around the spine," Chris says. "You want to support the spine and elongate it and the way that you do that is you use your stomach—especially the lower stomach—your inner thighs and your gluts, or your butt muscles. And if that area is strong, everything else is strong. That is the key; that is the core, the powerhouse."
  2. When you're exercising, you should always hold your stomach in, no matter what you're doing. "Again, that protects the spine," Chris says. "If that area is protected, you could do a lot more exercise." Chris says that even if you're working out other parts of your body, say your biceps, you'll still want to focus on holding your stomach in because you'll be burning more calories by using more muscles at one time.
  3. It will be much harder to lose weight after menopause, but you just have to keep it up. "With age it's going to be a little difficult to lose weight because the metabolism slows down and certain hormones that you have, you're not producing as much anymore, so it's harder to keep muscle mass," Chris says. However, it's not impossible to lose the weight. "You just have to work!"
  4. Chris is a certified Pilates instructor and says it's a great way to exercise. Oprah calls Chris's teaching instruction "commando Pilates" because he focuses on purely the technique, and not the ambiance. "You don't have music in the background. It's not ballet, it's just good, old-fashioned hard work," he says.